Guilty Pleasures

Saw a copy of “Recoil” (Issue 10) on a newsstand up here and bought it for fun. It’s non-existent among the PC flatlander-BayAryans in Googleopolis, and rather a fun read. Monster Gun-Truck outfitting! Yaargh! Fixer AK! Toss the High Point! Celebrity Shmooze (Rob Leatham)! and Dirtbike Bug-Out! Yay Dirtbike Bug-out! I’m a big fan of that and had my XR650L kitted for “earthquake travel.” Also Ian Harrison is a swell bloke with whom I have met and dined and shot-with (Gunblogger Rendezvous!), so seeing him on a DR650 (being a short guy) was a splendid reminiscence back to the Suzuki Press intro ride at Bass Lake that I attended as an “off-road journalist” (for *Cough-SF-Bike*), way-way back in the mid 90′s…
So OK, it’s cool with me, and I liked the approach to Project CheapBore – the fixer-12guage – I should try that since I’m on a fixed income now and don’t have a scatter-gun of the home defense type.

Cam Wire & The Whirligig of Doom

This could be about Cam Edwards and his radio-show but its not. It’s about the non-moving gizmo on the Whirligig-of-Doom that moves the wheel on primer-feeding “transfer-bar” contraption as it rises and falls, and on the up-stroke seats a fresh one in the brass case that was just de-primed on the earlier rotation’s down-stroke. And it’s supposed to have a specific bend in it, besides a small circlip that has a tendency to fly into orbit and hide in the carpet.
After a few weeks (OK, a month) of waiting patiently by the mailbox, I called RCBS again (3rd time) to inquire about the status of my “order.” Their call-center is open from Monday thru Thursday from 6:00AM for the East Coast guys until it shuts down at 4:00PM out West here. The needed parts I lacked were on-file and awaiting to be filled – some time in May when they get time to run-off some bearing-bushings, a part I had briefly complained about (since the operation of the Whirligig is anything but smooth) but didn’t exactly require. What I really need(ed) and explained to the nice but harried lady, was (#16) the Cam-Wire. I have one but it’s the wrong one – it’s about 7-1/2″ long and is for another Press-product, the now discontinued AmmoMaster. It’s too long, but it does-has “the bend.”
Finally today the Cam Wire arrived, notched precisely for the ever-disappearing circlip, but straight as an arrow.
I think I can get my High-Master shootin’ buddy Google-machinist to give me a hand and impart the proper angular coefficient to the dead-straight rod, but the label prominently marked with ATK on the package from RCBS reminded me of what Louis Awerbuck warned in Pistol I and II class, when he said much of the ammo (the ammo you CAN’T GET) that has been coming out from a certain cartridge-company umbrella-ownership group (= ATK) has been lacking a certain Q.C. je ne sais quoi – the stuff is bad. Bullets that are not at all crimped tie-up guns (this I have seen), OAL is sloppy, upsidown primers have been noted, backwards bullets too.
Judging from my earlier telephonic conversations with the very friendly, super-knowledgeable and more polite than they need-to-be RCBS staff, I think the people trying to do business there are amazingly overworked and stressed. Perhaps it is the dumbrella Über-company corporate-ownership that is spinning lazily like the angry man in Zapruder’s film, or an ineffective overhead ceiling-fan on a hot day that is providing the source of conflict and anxiety. I hope things improve for them and that some time this year I get this thing ammo-construction device operational, before I have some kind of cardiac event.

Some assembly required

The Dictionary definition of contraption should be accompanied by a picture of this. I picked up the Piggyback II after meeting with my “Buddy” from the shootin’ club and blasting away at some innocent pieces of square paper just north of the Airport. I say “Buddy” in quotes, because after unpacking this infernal agglomeration of tiny doohickies, little thingamajigs, midget widgets, sproingy-springs and miniature clevis pins, two bent Johnson-rods – and just bits and pieces including a damnable rolling ball – I’m not sure whether a friendly title such as “buddy” is appropriate. Anything that comes with its own set of sub-miniature screwdrivers is to be feared. And the top bit rotates around 360-degrees willy nilly, so that will have to be figured out as Order is applied to Chaos. You gotta get a load of this thing…

Easy-Off Optics

I got an American Defense 1″ Scout-mount from SWFA Outdoors, that operates with the quick-detach flipper just like my shorty Tango Down forward-grip.
Apart from the classic British, Triumph-style vertical arrangement of clamping screws aligned top and bottom (some mechanics prefer the non oil-leaking Honda-type horizontal case-halve arrangement), it’s not a heavy desert lead-sled and does exhibit some style and (apparent) strength, with a single Picatinny cross-bolt bearing against long rail surfaces for pointy-end alignment.
And with the spring-loaded locking-lever adjustable from too-tight to outright flaccid, it’s easy-on and somewhat easy-off. IMGP2729x1000DSC03349x1000IMGP2732x1000IMGP2730x1000IMGP2733x1000

My Hero, Evan Nappen

Can we get Evan Nappen to join us at the Gunblogger’s Rendezvous??  He’s my Hero.

From No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money we are absolutely delighted to learn an absolute travesty of Justice-System abuse has been righted, and “Even In New Jersey The Second Amendment Applies” (read it all at the link)

On Friday, the Appellate Division of the Superior Court in New Jersey overturned the trial court in a case involving the denial of a firearms permit and ordered the return of Justin Blasko’s firearms absent any new disqualifying events. They made their decision on Second Amendment grounds.

Mr Blasko’s troubles started when his apartment’s building superintendent entered to fix his air conditioner and saw “assault weapons” along with other stuff including a four foot alligator. The super called police and they entered the apartment, seized his firearms, and issued him a summons for the alligator, a snake, and a leg-hold trap. They also filed a complaint that he had an illegal assault weapon.

Blasko entered a Pre-Trial Intervention program and the charges were eventually all dismissed. Moreover, the state later acknowledged that the alleged “assault weapons” were not in fact assault weapons as covered by NJ law. Following the dismissal of the charges, Blasko requested his firearms back.

Finally: The court then examined whether New Jersey law required Mr. Blasko to keep his firearms locked up in a safe or with other devices such as a trigger lock. More importantly, they examined this in the context of the US Supreme Court’s rulings in Heller and McDonald. They concluded safe storage laws did not apply to Mr. Blasko as he was neither a commercial enterprise nor did he have minor children. They also concluded that based upon the Heller decision he was allowed to have his firearms accessible.

Despite a preference for the safe storage of weapons with safety locks, we conclude a law abiding adult, living alone without children, who openly leaves weapons in a locked apartment, insufficiently supports a finding of conduct contrary to the interest of the public health, safety or welfare pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:58-3c(5). See Heller, supra, 554 U.S. at 635, 128 S. Ct. at 2822, 171 L. Ed. 2d at 683 (holding “the District’s ban on handgun possession in the home violates the Second Amendment.

Mr. Blasko’s attorney was well-known gun law attorney Evan Nappen. More on the case can be found here. Nappen notes that this is the first time a higher court in New Jersey expressely applied the Second Amendment to a gun seizure case. This is definitely a win for gun rights in New Jersey and it was made possible by the careful building of Second Amendment case law by Alan Gura and others. 

Metalform Magazines

As the Queen of Snark advises, magazines are perishable, wear-items, so you should stock-up whenever possible. 

Brownell’s was havin’ a sale: $29.99 down to $22.99 On Sale Today! (and they still are on-sale), so I bought two because they’re stainless steel and I liked the look of the follower. Guess which one is the Ed Brown magazine.
Maybe I’ll get s’more…
Quick UPDATE: Midway has ‘em on Clearance sale. and I ordered a couple more.

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From the NRA-ILA…the Michigan House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to repeal the state’s dumb-ass handgun “permit-to-purchase” and illegal registration requirements. (My emphasis added)

House Bill 5225 passed in the state House by a 74 to 36 vote. HB 5225 would repeal the bureaucratic state “permit-to-purchase” handguns and instead utilize the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. House Bill 5498 and House Bill 5499 also passed in the state House along with HB 5225. These three bills now go to the state Senate where they will be assigned to the appropriate committees.
Some of the key points of HB 5225 as amended are:
  • Repeal the state requirement to seek police permission to purchase a firearm by traveling to a local police station and obtaining a permit to purchase.
  • Repeal the requirement to register a completely legally purchased and owned firearm by a law-abiding citizen to be registered with the government through the police.
  • Adopt the use of the federally-funded National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
  • Default to the federal standard of prohibited persons and each purchase would still require a background check.
  • Cut Michigan’s costs by using the federally-administered national instant background check system and eliminate wasted man-hours of tracking lawful gun owners in Michigan.

Impediments to Slow-Prone

You know how you have to sling-up (tightly) and go prone? My left elbow is mush, swollen and painful – and it feels like the “kneecap” (if an elbow had one) is loose. So shooting the Match would have been a bust anyhow since I can’t go onto my elbows. Maybe I need to take the pistolero stuff more seriously now, instead of the riflery? Still it would be good to finally make Expert, but not this weekend.
I need to remember to be (more) careful in the shower when I turn around – those narrow walls and bony elbows don’t mix – tile is unforgiving. That’s the only thing I can think of lately/recently that I might have impacted. I do remember wincing in pain not too long ago, but it’s the usual stuff, just turning to get the shaving cream, or soap and WHANG!… Damn.


Olecranon bursitis that is caused by an injury will usually go away on its own. 
The body will absorb the blood in the bursa over several weeks, and the bursa should return to normal. If swelling in the bursa is causing a slow recovery, a needle may be inserted to drain the blood and speed up the process.

Because there is a risk of infection putting a needle in to drain the bursa, the Doc said to wait it out.  Ice and Ibuprofen.

Stage-1 Tactical Handgun – learning to crawl

1-Day Basic Defensive Handgun Safety and Manipulation. I was packed and ready to go early, so I was the first person to arrive – about forty minutes early. I found a parking space under a tree that would shade the truck. “Night Over Manaus” was playing on the iPod. Turned out to be the hottest day of the year so that helped. Louis drove up in a big truck about ten minutes later, he was busy with his helper Sloan ([sic]), so I just said “Hi” and let him do his thing, grumbling. And then my new best-friend Andre drove up. More people started trickling-in.
Once the clock rolled around, the classroom assembled inside. Fourteen guys and a mom with her 14-yr old son. Glocks, M&P’s Berettas, 9mm, .40 and .45 – and another gun just like mine. That was Dave. We were all about to be humbled, one way or another, some more than others. *SAFETY!* Accidents have been carving a bloody downward arc on the industry, ammunition has been declining in quality as a few (2) entities dominate the marketplace, and certain manufacturers have characteristic errors. (Cerebrus=Guns, ATK=Ammo) We had with us classic examples. *SAFETY!* Ammo OALs have been all over the map, loads found backwards and loads found empty and loads found mixed: half a box of .45 and half 9mm. Some good stuff remains: Black Hills, Hornady, Fiocchi… *SAFETY!* One thing that struck me was Louis’ use of a gun-frame as an example/reference point/pointer – even with the slide removed he always pointed it in a safe direction. “A monkey can hold to a 4-inch group. You gotta be as dumb as a box of rocks!” Or else you over-think and start moving the pistol all around trying to hit at 99%. He asked about each person’s specific problems, hands were raised and he answered eliminating each various alternative to a final possibility – one that he would be able to directly address on the range. “The class is about making accurate hits, and the sooner you hit the target the more napalm you can smell.” *SAFETY!* “You only have 6-degrees of vision in a fight.” Think BIG, hit CENTER. Not “Center-mass,” but Center OF mass, any MASS – the mass you NEED to hit. Sight-alignment is front-sight and rear-sight aligned right – sight picture is adding a TARGET to that. Follow-through.
Stance: Weaver, Iscoceles, and Whogivesacrap! When you move, they change – so don’t be so dependent, don’t waste time being dependent. What you need in any stance is BALANCE. *SAFETY!* We were in the Classroom until Noon.
On the range we started slowly. *SAFETY!*
Making hits to center mass, diagnosing problems. The Nighthawk with an over-large internal part had a tendency to nudge the bullets as they went past and fail to lock-open. Or closed – I forget, the Ed Browns were good-to-go. One M&P had aftermarket zoomy sights that didn’t align. People pushed and bullets went down. A Beretta can be disassembled with a yank and rendered inactive right in your hands. You can GET KILLED by a predator – they know what they are doing and they’re looking to take it away from you. For them it’s a free gun, that’s worth something all by itself. *SAFETY!*
And then there were reloads. Where does the magazine go? In the pocket? Leisurely? Looking at your hands, looking at the magazine or gun – doing nothing? Drop them on the deck/ground/alleyway – get the fresh magazine in. Some guys had to give it up and drop $12 mags on the ground – I had to bounce $30 magazines on the ground. I tried not to step on them.
*SAFETY!* And hydration – we took a water-break.
Finally, the Drawstroke and shooting: *SAFETY!* I was wearing a loose Hawaiian shirt (which was nice since it was steamy hot indoors and I was sweating lightly) while all the other guys had their shirts tucked-in and with easy holster access – so I had to learn an extra/different move required to clear the weapon just so I could grab it. And then once up and rocked into place, safety flicked-off, I had to make a slightly different move to go to two-hands on so I didn’t muzzle my own support hand. I didn’t make it easy on myself, it was kinda hard and easy to f’up. *SAFETY!* A 9mm High-Power had an aftermarket ambi-safety issue. The Beretta has too many damn levers and they add complexity. I just had to remember to seat the magazine assertively and USE the safety.
We finished up around 6:30PM – everyone was grateful for the time and effort.