Loquat Tree and Japanese Maple

We deconstructed a layer of rock that was encircled around the loquat’s roots, and trimmed-out the various and sundry dead branches.  Also some of the overgrowth.  Then we tan-barked it.  IMGP1798_x1000Unfortunately now my neighbor’s back yard is more visible than before, but that will have to do.


Meanwhile the maple has an owie.  I was thinking of filling the void since it collects water during rainy season, but it seems that only encourages worse conditions – We hope the tree will survive because its graceful shape and gentle color is a real asset to garden – plus they are expensive to replace!



If Wishes Were Fishes

UPDATE:the co-Bloggger at the estimable Borepatch, has been doing a series of blog-posts on “Grail Guns,” as various bloggers and commentators have called-out to him with their most favored “if-cost-were-no-object” (nor time-travel either) special desires.

Pretend we’re sitting around the campfire talking about grail guns. What do you buy? You know the one. It’s what you would buy when the rich uncle you know nothing about leaves you 50 million dollars. The first one one, anyway.

Among the numerous and different catalog of firearms that people have chosen are various especially elusive (and some not so elusive) fighting handguns, rifles, and machine-guns – and also historical hunting arms.  So far he has showcased: The Spencer Rifle , the WWII Ithaca 1911A1 , the Detonics Combat Magnum , the African Mauser, in .404 Jeffery , The Lewis Gun (my favorite), The P08 Artillery Luger , Germany’s Iconic MP-40 submachinegun, the first modern assault rifle Sturmgewehr 44 , The M60 machine gun – the Pig , the Walker Colt , A pair: the Colt Single Action Army and a Winchester 1892 , a Colt Python , the Stoner 63 , the exotic AEK-919 , a Navy M14 , a Barrett M82 , his own Fav, the 1928 Thompson “Tommy” gun , an Original, Minty, Winchester Model 75 Sporter , and a Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver.

Most recently Borepatch himself had an inadvertent low-speed dismount from his motorcycle while on a trip south in Florida, and sustained some painful but non-life threatening injuries and probably could use an attaboy.  As fellow motorcyclists we hope this does not dispel his enthusiasm for the sport.

Sierras on Fire

Five fires suddenly erupted along a 3-1/2 mile stretch of Highway 80 this afternoon. The northern corridor which is the main overland trucking route is closed to westbound eastbound traffic from Applegate to Weimar. This seems awfully suspicious to me, based on the proximity and timing.
Update: Six large air-tankers and five helicopters are hitting the fire. Evacuations are taking place and the sound of numerous explosions is attributed to propane tanks that have gone-up. The fire is expanding rapidly, fanned by the afternoon winds. One home visibly engulfed in flames.
Fire-spokesman suggested when multiple fires occur close to dense population and the freeway such as this, it could very well be a poorly maintained older vehicle with a bad catalytic-converter that spews hot embers and sets fires as it is driven down the mountain, with the driver unawares of whats taking place behind them. Thanks a lot Enviro-Weenies for your pearl-clutching insistence of expensive and yet dangerous-too “safety” equipment like the catalytic-converter that we’re all forced to adopt.
UPDATE: “The Applegate Fire” is now 20% contained with 420 acres burned up in Placer County on Highway 80 between Applegate and Wiemar (pronounced “Wee-Mur”). A single eastbound lane of Hwy 80 has been opened.
The cause is under investigation, but per KCRA.com “At least two callers reported seeing several car tires burning along the interstate’s eastbound shoulder, California Highway Patrol officer Mike Martis said.” And in another report from ABC Newss10 “There was one call of someone throwing papers that were on fire out of a vehicle.”
UPDATE DAY-3: 1400 firefighters, no additional acreage burned (still 420) but only 30% containment. All lanes of Interstate-80 open since 9PM last night. Losses so-far: 6 homes/structures. “Defensible space” has shown its good effects, with many homes saved where it was used while next-door others’ were lost where it was not. Goats are a good way to keep-down the under-story fuels.
They threw a LOT of resources very hard and very quickly at this fire, from air tankers to helicopters and men – and the weather complied with low winds and lower temperatures. We wonder what would have happened if they had attacked the King fire with the same intensity and resources – instead it “blew-up” and grew to 100,000 acres.

Bit by Bit

It’s terribly mundane but represents the whittling-away of the chore-list which may lead to some greater freedom of activity besides yard and house-work. With the new freezer in place the garage is pretty much all-done.IMGP1777_01aB
Yesterday we ripped-into and bonsai’d the last juniper shrublet, and today the lowquat tree is gonna get a shaving. Temps are expected to be mild in the low 90’s and the King Fire is 98% contained.

Cars & Planes

Big turn-out at this year’s “Show-N-Shine” down on Boeing Street. There were big and little yellow ones, cars with massive mills and dull black finishes, exotics both wheeled and aerial – and mainly just a lot. We missed it last year since were back in the Bay orchestrating another segment of the move. This year it was a must-do. The Airpark with its wide garage-hanger-lined streets is an excellent venue since you can park planes right at their front door, and cars in three rows with room to move. There were rows of all various car-sorts; of GTO’s, three DeLoreans, and lipstick-colored Thunderbirds. Yellow airplanes and blue ones. Rods and mills. A couple of Stearmans, small bird-dog planes that looked eager to leap into flight.
Project aircraft and experimental, executive speeders and petite acrobatics. Warbirds and trainers – and the white one (with the red star) is a main-land Chinese one. And there was an Allard. I really like living here. Click to embignify.