7.62 NATO

ZQiCame across this interesting and certainly preiswert ammo at the Kaufhaus Der Kapitalismus last Sunday while out gathering a few things in the 100-degree heat. Seems like it would be fine blasting fodder in the NATO Ishapore. My buddy who had The Ishapore apart and re-parked said it might a few fouling shots to clear the chamber of crud…so this would be in keeping with that. At first I thought the “ZQ” designation was some kind of Zombie-appeal, but it turns out that it’s just foreign. MKE = Makina ve Kimya Endustrisi, (of Kurumu, Turkey)…
However the Interwebz chattering-class reports are varied. Some say that this Turkish FMJBT stuff is very good, other reports suggest it’s loaded hot. Interestingly on the box is the claim, “lot tested to assure less than one minute of angle at 100 meters.”
The Ishapore Arsenal actually uses very good steel and the No. 1 Mk III* was re-designed for the Nato 7.62 round – it’s not a conversion from the .303′s already in existence, so I shouldn’t be too worried… And I have another one in .303 that I’ll bring along to the Rendezvous for comparison purposes.
Old Ishy

Another Bluewall

Got the end-wall done. It dries fast in 96-degree heat. Cutting-in was a bit of a stretch on the ceiling and around the window-seat area, I needed to re-mud some sections and smooth out the dings and dents. Soon the motor-car can re-begin to park inside – when it gets back from the shop – from repairing (replacing) the 20-yr old wasted clutch and lousy flywheel. $$ Ouch! $$

Globular Warming and 1st Aid

We have a patch of heat sitting overhead and it’s 102° 104° in the shade. I’m sitting inside luxuriating in the A/C while re-working the Bug-Out Med Kits with some new additions including a bigger zippered-pouch to contain all the bandages and bits, when I remember a remark on gunshot care: that you need two of everything, not (just) because one-is-zero and two-is-one etc., but because gunshot wounds usually come in pairs, the entrance and the exit. So I need FOUR of everything, or even more… Oh great, more Israeli bandages to order and QuickClot! Got some nifty scissors on the way but they’re not here yet. Really want to take a class in this stuff and LMS Defense has a Tactical Wound Care class in August, up in Oroville. I wonder who else does this nearby? Maybe we can gin-up something for the Rendezvous…?

UPDATE: Back only into the high 90′s today – ten degrees cooler than yesterday’s high of 106° – but the debris bins are full so this To Be Continued Later…

Southside Excavations

Deep in the forestWe tore out about six-feet by ten feet of tangled rosemary undergrowth to reveal more terracing and rock-work, and irrigation devices – one appeared old dry while the other contained recent water – but we have not discovered the source.
along the south walkway
With great exertion, a huge old-and-dead root-ball of the other plant (genus unknown) was removed from the walkway alongside the redwood tree, while much of the subsidiary plant remained active via a second-growth trunk. The black branches criss-cross and intertwine like a madhouse, growing in all directions throughout.
rocks and dirt
secret habitat
In fact the two grow together to create this lumpy, huge, secret barrow, tumbling off the cliff.

Attack on Southside Rosemary

It’s all terribly leggy and the green bits are a mere flourish at the end of a 20-inch bare stalks. Much is dead, and so not attractive – and a host to vermin. The big lumpy overgrown thicket tumbling down the back hillside revealed a shed lizard-skin about 7-inches long. At first we thought it was a rattle-snake skin, but the little feet were evidence otherwise.
Temps hovered in the 90′s with only a light breeze, quite a change from the mild low 80′s of just a few days ago when a Pacific storm drew the delta-breeze up into the mountains and it rained across the whole Sierra. No before and after pics, but we chopped and hacked and when the fragrant branches went into the green-waste bin I chopped even more to mince the bits into a fine hack – more room for more green-waste. One mouse no longer has habitat to hide in.

Tonight is the “Summer Spectacular” – the week before the 4th of July when a party is held down at the lakeside and then fireworks are launched as darkness falls. Some say it’s a better fireworks display than even that up at Tahoe, for us the ability to watch it from the deck at near deck-height is a big bonus – but the street below becomes crowded with big trucks as families drive up to tailgate and watch from our elevated vantage point. I’ll post some pics of that.