Awoke to the early morning sounds of wind rushing in the treetops, and RAIN!  Overcast and wet, we’re going out for a walk in the rain.

UPDATE:  Meanwhile I went down to the basement and got some pieces of scrap Trex plastic-deck, and with a tarp went up to the gully-side.  I laid the Trex down at the front window and moved the project-wood from the puddle and stacked it in the/a more dry space, and then covered it with the tarp and laid down a few big rocks.   The small rain-barrels are already full.

And Happy Rosh Hosanna to the House of Abraham!

King Fire Update #6 it’s been over a week already

UPDATE- see the Blue-italic characters. UPDATE:

Acres charred to crispy: 87,592 Over 89,000 with containment languishing at a busy 18% 35% (the backfires worked) and numerous school closures because the air quality if unhealthy to dangerous. 

Do you ever wake up at night at like oh.. 3:03?  Or 3:08 AM or even 2:43 – or 3:57 – these numbers seem to happen to me a lot, now we see them at work here:  10/22 – number of houses vs. “structures” (barns, out-buildings, pump-houses, etc.) totally  wasted.  For a week they said “Zero” because they couldn’t even get in and find out.  Now they have some kind of number, but it’s only a partial.  12,000 houses are still threatened (and 9,000 “structures”).

5,500 7,300 7,600 crews are working the Big Event, mainly up in Stumpy Creek and by Slab Creek Reservoir where the Sikorsky Sky Crane’s are doing pickup and drop – with two major command-posts in action.   And there are t-shirt makers who are selling t-shirts.  They better go to the fire-support or I’m gonna be pissed.  The aerial suppression efforts got stalled yesterday when the cool-air  and overcast arrived,  literally blanketing things and making visibility suck .  Today’s winds blowing up from the SW have re-enabled the aerial attack.

More actual rain is in the forecast, but not until Thursday – and the winds that bring it towards us will also fan the fire…


Fall of Empire

Back at the edge of the decline-and-fall, did the Roman Senate vote “Yes” to fund and arm the various Barbarians who came forth offering protection from the Even-Worse-Barbarians?  Did they get to choose their own gold-chased poison chalice?

Dump-run Sunday

Overcast blew-in and kept a lid on things, and last night’s rain left temps cooler and fire danger a distant thought for us – so we cleaned-up.

The light-weight 18-volt DeWalt circular saw was handy to cut 3/4″ply into truck-size lengths.  We included a few other things and the bed-extender/ramp was well utilized holding it all together and pretty much filled the bed.  Since we had “construction materials” including OSB and 2×4’s and the weird furniture-piece that was masquerading as a bench, the dump-charge was a bit higher than before.  The truck felt heavy too.  We kicked-ass and feel a wee bit tired.

Fire Update #5

UPDATE: It’s raining down in Arnold, and supposedly even closer in Diamond Springs!! YAY!!

Still dry on the deck of View from the Low Granite Outcropping.

82,00 acres burned and 10% contained, they chased it up into the lost zone where the trees run out and there’s only granite – no fuel. As far as I can tell, Tahoe is gonna get some spectacular sunsets. The have a full contingent, practically a regiment from all over, poised up outside Georgetown, site of the Fools Gold Enduro where I smashed my finger. It seems like the plan is this: The Fire went up past Icehouse on the South Fork to Hell Hole reservoir and then is trapped up there since when it hits tree-line there’s no more burn-fuels. If it goes back down towards Georgetown it runs into the old fire-burn from ten-plus years ago and again there’s much less fue. No thanks to the Hippies and Gov. FS.

In Hangtown and surrounding the smoke is thick. There’s a Raley’s supermarket parking lot next to the Fairgrounds that is overflowing with firefighting vehicles and men from all over California and Idaho and other states – thank you. Next to the parking lot there are rows and rows of tents. I hope asshole who drive through with the dumbass boom-boom bass running music get their windows smashed. These guys need some rest.

We went up to Gold Hill in the morning and in a few places I thought I might need the wipers to see any distance – valley eddies thick and cloying with smoke, burnt-smelling with horses and goats who don’t know the danger that passed over – stink even through the air-filter.

Thanks going out everywhere to the Fire Fighters, especially the Hot Shots who go in danger’s way…It’s moderate today, not in the high 90’s like earlier, only 85 or so – if it’s danger, “Get miles away…”

Who can not like the husband of Morticia, Gomez?:

Defensible Space

In keeping with this week’s theme of Fire & Renewal, we attacked the upper side of the house along the cul-de-sac side, and met some neighbors. While most gunny-prepper types might associate Defensible Space with a secure perimeter and enfilading fire lanes. Here in The Fire Zone we need to prevent an eruption of destruction not from jackbooted Gov. Thugs fast-roping in, but from some dumbass flicking a cigarette butt into the underbrush and taking out a block or two of houses.
Coming down from Oregon we saw fire after fire, and passed through the small mountain town of Weed. Weed liked to live-up to its name, and I used to think Hippies liked Weed, but it burnt from one end to the other like a poorly rolled spliff. On arrival home we were greeted by the Sand Fire to the south, and more have been popping up all around.
We don’t need that kind of conflagration, and so raked up about twenty 34-gal. leaf-bags of dry tinder consisting mainly of pine-needles and pine-cones that have a remarkable torch-effect. Back-in-the-Day at Church Camp, we held a ceremony at the end of the week where we spoke solemn words and made a vow – and then tossed a pine-cone onto the bonfire. This was before the current lackadaisical approach to “Forest Health” and outright naturism by the current crop of FS managers, and the bonfires were huge. Nowadays with the densely thickened undergrowth and heaps of fuels that date back to about the beginning of the Church-Camp Era, such behavior after 30-plus years of natural neglect would be criminally dangerous.

UPDATE: Friends asked if we were safe. Yes. The Fire went up past Icehouse on the South Fork to Hell Hole reservoir and is kinda trapped up there since when it hits tree-line there’s no more burn-fuels, it’s all granite. If it goes back down towards Georgetown it has to cross the river twice (Middle and North fork) and then runs into the old fire-burn – and there’s less fuel to keep going again.
When was the last time you saw a forest-fire in Switzerland? They have held onto that land for some 2,000 years since the fall of the Roman Empire. They pick up the pine-cone grenades and don’t let the understory fuels build-up. Smart guys.