Stormy Weather

5:20AM We awoke to the sound of the wind blowing pretty hard up the ridge-line in the dark. UPDATE: 20-to-30mph from the SW. She went to make coffee while I lay listening to the trees groaning and limbs whipping. After a moment I got up and went to the door. A few house-lights were visible across the ravine, beyond the golf course. I opened the slider and was met with a fresh gust of wind, but no rain. The deck was strewn with pine-needles, heaped against the Christmas-light cord and underneath the small table. The larger table with the umbrella furled-fast is held fast to the deck-rail by a C-clamp and didn’t move. This was just the blast that preceded the wetness, the “atmospheric river.” Thud the rocker turned contractor/house-builder/mason/renovator, over in Scouserland, UK related to me that their academically-trained (in vocabulary at least) Environmental Fabulists are now calling the age-old winds off the Irish Sea, “Explosive Cyclogenesis” – all in keeping with making the rabbits run and the hamsters turn the wheel.
UPDATE: Now we’re gettin’ the rain. Doesn’t seem so bad…
UPDATE FRIDAY: They’re calling it the biggest storm in six years. We got three inches already since Thursday and the Sierras are now caked in snow. Once dry-as-a-bone Folsom lake is up five-feet since Thanksgiving. Glad I drive a truck not a car! Gas at Costco was $2.639 yesterday.

Rain Prep

I’m going to finally have to get up on a (short) ladder and check the gutters along the deck-side. We have an atmospheric river of moisture pointed at us, a phalanx of atmospheric 14″ artillery-guns if you will, and The Big Guy in the Sky pulled the trigger and launched the Pineapple Express.

A NOAA weather graphic shows an atmospheric river streaming across the Pacific to the central California coast.

A NOAA weather graphic shows an atmospheric river streaming across the Pacific to the central California coast.

Idiots of Infamy

From Borepatch and ASM826 we learn that it’s likely (and how typical) that Russia (Putin) is financing anti-fracking environmentalists – in order to not lose money. I wonder how Maduro down in Venezuela is faring? Says Romania:

Pointing to a mysteriously well-financed and well-organized campaign of protest, Romanian officials including the prime minister say that the struggle over fracking in Europe does feature a Goliath, but it is the Russian company Gazprom, not the American Chevron.

Gazprom, a state-controlled energy giant, has a clear interest in preventing countries dependent on Russian natural gas from developing their own alternative supplies of energy, they say, preserving a lucrative market for itself — and a potent foreign policy tool for the Kremlin.

“Everything that has gone wrong is from Gazprom,” Mr. Mircia said.

This belief that Russia is fueling the protests, shared by officials in Lithuania, where Chevron also ran into a wave of unusually fervent protests and then decided to pull out, has not yet been backed up by any clear proof.
And (of course) Gazprom has denied accusations that it has bankrolled anti-fracking protests. But circumstantial evidence, plus large dollops of Cold War-style suspicion, have added to mounting alarm over covert Russian meddling to block threats to its energy stranglehold on Europe.
Before stepping down in September as NATO’s secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen gave voice to this alarm with remarks in London that pointed a finger at Russia and infuriated environmentalists.

“Russia, as part of their sophisticated information and disinformation operations, engaged actively with so-called nongovernmental organizations — environmental organizations working against shale gas — to maintain dependence on imported Russian gas,” Mr. Rasmussen said. He presented no proof and said the judgment was based on what NATO allies had reported. (my emphasis)

To repeat Borepatch: Motive and opportunity, as they say.  And a history of using “social justice” organizations in the West.

Shades of all the damn-stupid years, and of the damn-stupid protestors during the REAL Cold-War. Shades all the mis-information and dis-information, all of it swallowed up and regurgitated like last night’s drunken Stanford-Harvard kegger Frat-party – by a bunch of intellectual barf-bags, blown into the gutters and minds of the perpetual lazy undergraduate  of America by half-wit Grad Students and Academic Useful Idiots.
UPDATE: snip rant

Mall of Infamy

So far we have managed to avoid any and all traipsing around the over-burdened Mallscape during the Holiday Festivities. Until today. But some success was achieved early on – Macy’s had what SHE wanted – and we departed Roseville before crowds of coughing shoppers with small spitting and hacking children descended en-mass in the overcast gloom.
On the way home we stopped for a delicious bowl of Wor Wonton Soup at the little Chinese place in EDH. Yum.
Meanwhile all the ships at sea have radioed-in with reports of another advancing column of monster dominoes, lined-up and advancing along the Pineapple Express Line, ready to topple down on us. So out to the yard and Release the Kraken! Or at least some 30-gallons of Kraken-Fluid from the rain-barrels…

Flat-Gray Friday to Soggy-Saturday

More gray soup outside the morning sliders finally gave way to some sunlight in the afternoon, so I took the truck down to SpiffyLube since the oil was past-due – good thing I use synthetic!
In actual shooting-type comments at Capn’. Bob’s I mentioned ear-pro, and here’s what we have at the moment:
IMGP0075_x1000I have a pair of Peltor Tac-6 electronic muffs because all the cool-kids at the first Gunblogger Rendezvous I attended wore them, so I took that as a recommendation. It was true, and for a long time I was happy-happy, but now I am a curmudgeonly retired geek so I get to bitch and complain about every little damn thing.

CaldwellI bought the Peltor’s since my first pair of electronic ear-pro were inexpensive Caldwell-brand ones (yes, I’m cheap, and at the time unemployed) that I got from Midway, which after a few days at the 200-yard Range took-up knitting or something. They only worked when they felt like it, one side or another, depending on how you jiggled them, so I converted them to garage-use, and my wife used them when the Shop-Vac was turned-on.

The downside to the Peltor’s is they eat batteries like crazy because the little on-off switches roll to “On” with almost no resistance, just inserting them into a range bag is fraught with potential discharge. Also sweat seemed to easily migrate to the battery-ends, and despite the advertising about non-leakage the little AAA Duracell’s had a fuzzy growth of blue at the Peltor’s contact points. A orange-tipped Ticonderoga #2 pencil eraser does a good job of removing that, but it’s a constant battle and I always have to carry a bunch of batteries around.

Finally at out New Costco last fall I came upon some hunting gear including a set of of Walker Alpha muffs – for $38-some bucks. They have the bitchin’ carbon-fiber tactical look, but mainly my wife likes the fit and comfort of them better than the Peltor’s because they’re not as tight against her head and the padding just works better – and also the on-off knobs are more positive to STOP. So I bought a second pair just for Her – but not in Pink. She’s a girl but not a “pink” one. Reportedly they’re the low-end Walker’s-brand, but so far we’re OK with that.

South Paw Sinister Dreamer

I dreamed I got the Magpul SGA shotgun-stock and set-up the Mossberg to run Lefty. I think because I’m still harboring uncertain thoughts about the right-handed (or wrong-handed) GG&G rear-QD mount. Also it came up (in Dreamstate) that I’m visually cross-dominant. True enough, my left eye drives my cerebral cortex – or something.
Anyhow, so I was dreaming away in Fantasyland that the sling fit better and I could manipulate it easily (some fantasy that!) and roll it to the side to stuff-shells into the bottom, and do the Shell-Shucking Dance of the 3-inch chamber. And when I awoke I actually remembered my dream.
Which is a 50/50 % kinda thing, I often remember dreams but the specifics get fuzzy (and fade after an hour) especially if I’m writing something in my dream. Like the Dream about Democrats I had with the theme: Divisiveness. I remember part of it but there’s about three paragraphs/points of argument that I couldn’t reconstruct so it remains incomplete:

Democrats are by definition Divisive.
They NEED #Feminism to incite anger and keep 51% of the population off-kilter and angry at Men, and for Men to be on the defensive.
They NEED and use #Race to incite People-of-Color to anger, and maintain an edgy and UN-equal stance against ALL people of Non-Color.
They use impressionable #Youth with all their naivety and inexperience to fight against the #Elderly – over property and their decades long accumulated materials because they hate Equity, earned and derived over time – and also hate Compounded Interest.
They use … and there I lost the thread.

So there I was in the clear light of the morning and remembering that which I did, I attempted to manipulate and handle the Mossberg 590 as a Lefty. There ARE certain things I can do as a Lefty that are far superior to my right-handedness, like throw a Frisbee – but I am not a natural lefty. Except for the cross-dominance. Which I might have actually taught myself a long time ago when I was a spindly Yout’ in order to stare-down a certain someone. The idea was along the lines of “Fierce Eyeball Terror-Gaze” and that didn’t work either, except once with one girl and it lead to something entirely different…
So long story short, it didn’t take. I can’t do it, but it seems like good a practice-item/agenda-issue though. Doesn’t work for me with the AR either, I tried.

Turbulent Thursday

A mixed-bag of weather today: wind wrapped in rain, riven with gray clouds, cut by dashes of sunshine and slashes of blue sky. Highly localized, for a moment one side of the house was in a downpour while the other was dry with a crease of shadow from the sunlight – that soon faded again, obliterated by clouds streaming up the ridge-line.
UPDATE: Dryin’ out – and since it wouldn’t start, we got a Battery Tender and hooked it up to the old ’94 Mountain Sled – the 530i. She doesn’t drive it very much, not enough to keep the battery charged-up anyhow and the new $100+SuperBattery leaked all the electrons onto the floor. Probably the next thing to go will be the suspension…

Windy-Rainy Wednesday

Heavy gusting winds followed a night of sluicing downpour, various locations in the King and Rim fire burn areas are under a Flash-Flood watch. We had half-an-inch yesterday, and have already gotten over half an inch of rain today – and another half or more on its way. Down in soggy Sacramento they’ve already gotten over an inch and there’s flooding. Probably won’t be able to get a shot of the snow-capped Sierras today.

Sacramento has an interesting flood-history of real serious inundations. It probably would never have become the State Capital (San Jose was Capital for a while after the Monterey Presidio was taken from the Californios, and later Vallejo (Alcalde land-grant graft-opportunity), Benecia (same), and San Frandisco) unless they had made some very major efforts to curtail flooding, because the whole region would become simply impassible and access to Sacramento itself was threatened.

In fact at the end of 1861, beginning on December 24 1861, it rained for 45-days and nights – a proverbial deluge. The whole central valley was one big inland-ocean, and not for the first time.

The entire Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys were inundated for an extent of 300 miles, averaging 20 miles in breadth. However, later it was estimated that approximately one-quarter of the taxable real estate in the state of California was destroyed in the flood.
Dependent on property taxes, the State of California went bankrupt.

USGS  ARkStorm (for Atmospheric River 1000 Storm) Scenario

USGS ARkStorm (for Atmospheric River 1000 Storm) Scenario

To rectify that calamity what they did (eventually, after fits and starts) was to essentially create an island out of the city of Sacramento. (UPDATE#2: And begin the building of the levee water-control system.)

In the downtown area they built-up the streets and buried the buildings to the level of the 2nd-floor, leaving the 1st Floor as a basement – God-knows what happened to the former basements. Spaces fronting the building where there were once sidewalks became subterranean tunnels connecting some buildings – it was rather hit-or-miss depending on the property owner and his neighbor. And robbers tried to tunnel into the Banks, of course.

Interestingly enough there is some precedent or evidence of a storm and flooding of such magnitude. Early reports from some Spanish explorers who came up the coast, say that they sailed thorough two large promontories (what we now call “the Golden Gate”), and made their way (by sail) up north and as far inland as the Chico/Red Bluff Butes on a large, placid, inland sea…

UPDATE: We got our half-inch of rain, and more than another half. Also a Flash-Flood warning for our area, but up on the Low Granite Outcropping it’s all downhill from here! Winds in the 20-30mph range tipped over an already-furled, small umbrella so we went out and laid the others down to avoid further drama. In the late afternoon some impressive sweeps of black clouds zoomed up from the flatland to darken the sky and brought wind and rain together, and then as evening approached a thunder cell came over the ridge that alternately blackened the sky and lit it up with peals of Thor’s Hammer. WOOT!

Where is the NYT headline: Ferguson Looted and Burned, Women and Children hit Hardest!   ??

I’m trying to have some sympathy for the on-going events of disaster in the small Midwestern town, but it’s all coming out on one end of the spectrum – the Anti-Media End. Of course black lives matter – all God’s children matter, but the relentless pressure by The Media to repeat a lie, and to castigate a whole pale skin-color group as entirely responsible without sharing any of the blame elsewhere is maddening, so much that the word “racism” has ceased to have any meaning whatsoever anymore.
Of course “Black Lives Matter” – so show me that with REAL Media-Outrage expressed over the countless numbers of young Black men almost casually killing other Black men from coast-to-coast – from DC, Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, and LA. Condemn Thuglife for once, instead of pandering to it.
Show me how much “Black Lives Matter” with real Media-Outrage covering the destruction of Black-owned businesses and property in the cities suffering from the Thug rioters and outside agitators’ actions.
Show me just how MUCH “Black Lives Matter” by giving Media-Coverage and whipped-up Outrage to the effects of Obama’s llegal-Alien Amnesty that will bring millions of low-skilled laborers into the country who will further displace Black job-opportunities that are already severely depressed due to Obama’s low-wage Crony-Capital Economy.
Let us see that “Black Lives Matter” when The Media is expressing Outrage for the lack of educational opportunities brought-about by Unionized Education. and the low-standards of teaching Black-kids in Democrat enclaves from from coast-to-coast: DC, Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, and Los Angeles, etc.
“Black Lives Matter” and will matter MORE when Selective Media Outrage is pointed at the root-causes of many Black Problems including the wholesale destruction of Middle Class black family-life, and the dependency and fatherless-ness brought about by Democrat’s “Great Society” welfare programs of the 60’s – well evident from coast-to-coast in cities across America.
Show HOW MUCH “Black Lives Matter” when Media Outrage is directed towards the Academic-Left and discredited Communist brain-dead agitators who mainly seek to benefit from the wanton destruction of these cities, and black lives themselves. Condemn them before condemning me for the accidental color of my skin.