Fire Update #5

UPDATE: It’s raining down in Arnold, and supposedly even closer in Diamond Springs!! YAY!!

Still dry on the deck of View from the Low Granite Outcropping.

82,00 acres burned and 10% contained, they chased it up into the lost zone where the trees run out and there’s only granite – no fuel. As far as I can tell, Tahoe is gonna get some spectacular sunsets. The have a full contingent, practically a regiment from all over, poised up outside Georgetown, site of the Fools Gold Enduro where I smashed my finger. It seems like the plan is this: The Fire went up past Icehouse on the South Fork to Hell Hole reservoir and then is trapped up there since when it hits tree-line there’s no more burn-fuels. If it goes back down towards Georgetown it runs into the old fire-burn from ten-plus years ago and again there’s much less fue. No thanks to the Hippies and Gov. FS.

In Hangtown and surrounding the smoke is thick. There’s a Raley’s supermarket parking lot next to the Fairgrounds that is overflowing with firefighting vehicles and men from all over California and Idaho and other states – thank you. Next to the parking lot there are rows and rows of tents. I hope asshole who drive through with the dumbass boom-boom bass running music get their windows smashed. These guys need some rest.

We went up to Gold Hill in the morning and in a few places I thought I might need the wipers to see any distance – valley eddies thick and cloying with smoke, burnt-smelling with horses and goats who don’t know the danger that passed over – stink even through the air-filter.

Thanks going out everywhere to the Fire Fighters, especially the Hot Shots who go in danger’s way…It’s moderate today, not in the high 90’s like earlier, only 85 or so – if it’s danger, “Get miles away…”

Who can not like the husband of Morticia, Gomez?:

Defensible Space

In keeping with this week’s theme of Fire & Renewal, we attacked the upper side of the house along the cul-de-sac side, and met some neighbors. While most gunny-prepper types might associate Defensible Space with a secure perimeter and enfilading fire lanes. Here in The Fire Zone we need to prevent an eruption of destruction not from jackbooted Gov. Thugs fast-roping in, but from some dumbass flicking a cigarette butt into the underbrush and taking out a block or two of houses.
Coming down from Oregon we saw fire after fire, and passed through the small mountain town of Weed. Weed liked to live-up to its name, and I used to think Hippies liked Weed, but it burnt from one end to the other like a poorly rolled spliff. On arrival home we were greeted by the Sand Fire to the south, and more have been popping up all around.
We don’t need that kind of conflagration, and so raked up about twenty 34-gal. leaf-bags of dry tinder consisting mainly of pine-needles and pine-cones that have a remarkable torch-effect. Back-in-the-Day at Church Camp, we held a ceremony at the end of the week where we spoke solemn words and made a vow – and then tossed a pine-cone onto the bonfire. This was before the current lackadaisical approach to “Forest Health” and outright naturism by the current crop of FS managers, and the bonfires were huge. Nowadays with the densely thickened undergrowth and heaps of fuels that date back to about the beginning of the Church-Camp Era, such behavior after 30-plus years of natural neglect would be criminally dangerous.

UPDATE: Friends asked if we were safe. Yes. The Fire went up past Icehouse on the South Fork to Hell Hole reservoir and is kinda trapped up there since when it hits tree-line there’s no more burn-fuels, it’s all granite. If it goes back down towards Georgetown it has to cross the river twice (Middle and North fork) and then runs into the old fire-burn – and there’s less fuel to keep going again.
When was the last time you saw a forest-fire in Switzerland? They have held onto that land for some 2,000 years since the fall of the Roman Empire. They pick up the pine-cone grenades and don’t let the understory fuels build-up. Smart guys.

Fire Update #4

A man has been arrested for the King Fire and is being held on arson charges and $10 Million bail – so apparently not just a idiot with a careless cigarette flicked out a car window, or a bad-bad hunter who’s bullet missed Bambi and hit a rock that sparked it.
Meanwhile more than 3,300 firefighters are battling the blaze, and officials say it is costing $5 million a day to fight. Also some 230,000 340,000 gallons of retardant has been dropped – more I’m sure already as I watch two planes fly overhead…

UPDATE: The arrestee’s name is the same as the former presidential-race hopeful and recent ambassador to China, but probably not related.

Update from the NewsMedia: As of Friday morning, the King Fire had spread to 76,376 acres. About 12,000 homes are threatened by flames. It’s unknown how many have burned.

Would the Bake-sale Pacifists now finally STFU?

Watching a re-run of “History Detectives” last night, the PBS idiots hauled in Howard Zinn as the appeal to “authority” on some labor issue. The old Communist fraud who’s attempts to re-write history in such an outrageously cherry-picked manner were pedestrian and laughable. I just then felt a big sad at what was sometimes an interesting show. By showcasing the idiot they lost all respect, but I guess that’s just the Gell-Mann amnesia effect in action.

Today we got the news that The War on Poverty has cost the US Taxpayer’s $22 trillion and counting. Still and all, LBJ’s “Great Society” speech-blather has been a total flop. Would all the dingbat oatmeal-brain stoner lefties who mouth the Big Lie Meme like “I long for the day when we have to run bake sales to raise money for bombs.” sit down on their thumbs a spin for a while. There you just performed your own colonoscopy, sure you did.

Liberals claim that the War on Poverty has failed because we didn’t spend enough money. Their answer is just to spend more. But the facts show otherwise.
Since its beginning, U.S. taxpayers have spent $22 trillion on Johnson’s War on Poverty (in constant 2012 dollars). Adjusting for inflation, that’s three times more than was spent on ALL military wars since the American Revolution. (my emphasis)

So STFU already and go eat your lousy, artery-clogging, bake-sale carbohydrate-crap. Fill one had with ice-cream and the other had with dog-turds and mix them – now you have your Chocolate Ice Cream (anyhow it looks that color, right?). Adjusting for inflation, that’s THREE times MORE than was spent on ALL military wars since the freaking American Revolution.

The intake of protein, vitamins and minerals by poor children is virtually identical with upper middle class kids. According to surveys by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the overwhelming majority of poor people report they were not hungry even for a single day during the prior year.

There’s your bake-sale goodies, eat them and get a mouthful of cavities you stupid-stupid Hippies.

When the War on Poverty began seven percent of children were born outside marriage. Today, 42 percent of children are. By eroding marriage, the welfare state has made many Americans less capable of self-support than they were when the War on Poverty began.

See the smart rich-kid hippie who went to college, what a waste of an education

Fire Updates-Updated

THURSDAY-UPDATE: The King Fire has grown 50,000 acres in the past 24-hours and has now has consumed 71,000 acres and a record-breaking (?) 150,000 gallons of retardant has been dropped. Still only 5% containment, but at least its consistent! It (and the smoke) is heading north-east up to Hell-Hole reservoir. Thank-You Sierra Nevada (get that, it’s a two-fer) Mountain Yellow-Leg frog! If you exist anymore it’s probably not here in these burnt canyons.
With some “weather” overhead from an offshore storm and some 20% chance of rain over the next few days, the overall humidity has increased to hopefully dampen the fire’s enthusiasm (Think of the Unicorns! Raise awareness of the Rainbows! Hopefully! Chance!) and as winds turn and clock-around drawn by the low-pressure system offshore, the smoke-effects will begin to head down into the Central Valley and that might garner some greater attention. *Cough-cough* Reportedly from sources in the Belly-of-the-Beast there is little on the BayAryan Eco-friendly Greenweenie Sustainable-TV news stations about this fire…
And SUPER Thank-You to Gumshoe Reno for the PDF of a PowerPoodle file Regarding the Relationship Between Forests, Wildfire, and Water in Mariposa County!

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have 1-2 million acre-ft or more of additional runoff every year?”

Maybe not to some people.

UPDATE-UPDATE: 18,544+ acres burned, still only 5% containment. Highway 50 is closed in both directions unconfirmed reports of The Fire jumping the roadway notwithstanding, a backfire was lit that came up to the Highway. The road is being used exclusively by the fire-fighters to access the deep canyon and steep terrain where it’s burning.

UPDATE: The Fire* has jumped Highway 50, somewhere at or between Sly Park Road and Fresh Pond, so nobody is going up to Tahoe tonight. 12,785+ acres burned and still only 5% containment. Out. Of. Control. It’s going off BIG, based on all the dry understory brush that has built-up after a decade or more of poor/insufficient Forest Service mismanagement by the Green-weenies and dumbass Hippies who now (and since the 80’s) run the FS.

Back to the Basement

We painted the raw construction-grade 3/4″ ply floors before we took off for the Bay so they would cure and dry while we were away. Upon our return we assembled the stacking shelves, moved bins of material goods, and also moved the garage shelf-unit down to The Understory. And more junk. Today we removed more sagging excess 2×4 shelving and cleaned it all up, assembling a small work-bench for the drip-line PVC stuff from half the old shelf-unit. Organization is taking place.

I hope it’s all for the good and a Shiny Bright Future because the King Fire* took another blow-up and has turned towards Swansborough (among other directions), where some 600-residents were evacuated earlier today. We looked at a couple of homes there on the plateau that rises up out of the canyon. It’s only about ten miles from Hangtown so things are a bit edgy. The thick gray-brown smoke pillar that rises up into the turgid sky and is capped with pyro-cumulus lid is dramatic and ominous. 11,000 acres have been consumed and there’s only 5% containment.

UPDATE: Fire updates move to fire post.

Image Free Zone

You can do the pictures yourself.
The actual gore-drenched graphics are everywhere and the Islamists use them to recruit ever more headchopper wannabees.   They don’t care if they’re as fat and stupid and as hopeless as a 3Chan Mall Ninja – they get to live (and die) out that fantasy, so it’s REAL to them.  How do you compete with that?

This is Multiculturalism:
(hoodie-wearing head-chopper barbarian)

This is your brain on multiculturalism:

UPDATE: OldNFO twerked me enough to get this out: The problem is they use YOLO-youts, people who hate life anyhow – and a fat young beardo 3Chan Muslim Mall-Ninja who gets to join the rape-club is getting more out of it than he puts-in, until he pushes the bomb-vest plunger…

Hard to compete with that when your primary differentiators are the fact that you DON’T have “fun” that way and uphold a whole different standard of virtue.
Hard to compete with that notion of “virtue” when the mass-media culture vomits up idiot-people like the Kardashians and Kanye West.
Hard to compete with that Rape Army of Isis when you have a self-centered idiot multimillionaire Lefty Secretary of State who can’t tie his own shoes without getting distracted by counting his own toes.
Hard to compete with that when you have this preening self-centered POTUS…