For those with a score card, this is Rain-Event #2 for the Fall-season. Also #2 Long-Pants day.
We spent the morning baby-proofing the Sun Room from the ravages of Little Jimmy-Kirby. That’s the name we gave to our iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. Because: one night we were watching Combat! and Kirby was the ever-eager BAR-man, and at one point in the long distant past in a desperate attemt at income enhancement I had attempted (but failed) to get a job selling Kirby vacs door-to-door, and he’s just a little Jimmy anyhow, but he can pull a lamp off the table with the best of ‘em – so “child-proofing” meant getting the speaker wires, antenna wire, and lamp-wires up off the floor and high on the baseboard, out of reach…
UPDATE: Weather like this calls for some of this: Sauerbraten

4 3 lbs. top bottom round beef steak/brisket, sliced crosswise into 3 sections – Sorry brisket costs too much for something that’s going into a crock-pot for 8-hours.
2 onions, chopped
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1-1/2 cups beef broth
1 cup dry red wine
1 cup apple cider vinegar
2 bay leaves
2 whole allspice
4 garlic cloves, whole
1 teaspoon whole peppercorns
16-oz. pkg. baby carrots
1 cup diced celery
2 russet potatoes, peeled and cubed
3/4 cup crushed gingersnaps (about 15 cookies)
2 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 cup sour cream
2-3 Tbsp. flour

Heat beef broth, red wine, cider vinegar, lemon, 1/2 onion, garlic, cloves, bay leaves, brown sugar, salt, juniper berries, and peppercorns in a saucepan over medium heat until sugar is dissolved – about 5 minutes.
Allow marinade to cool and pour into a resealable plastic bag. Add beef roast, coat with marinade, squeeze out excess air, and seal bag.
Marinate in the refrigerator 2 to 3 days, turning the roast twice a day.

Place onions, carrots, and celery in a slow cooker. Remove roast from marinade and place atop vegetables. Strain marinade and pour 2 1/2 cups over roast; reserve remaining marinade.
Cover and cook roast on Low for 8 hours. Turn slow cooker off.
Transfer roast to a cutting board and cover with aluminum foil. Strain cooking liquid into a large bowl and return vegetables to slow cooker to rest.

Heat about 3 cups cooking liquid and gingersnaps in a saucepan over medium-high heat, adding reserved marinade as needed, until gravy is thickened, about 10 minutes.
Slice roast and serve with vegetables and gravy, red cabbage, and spaetzle noodles.


I’m really beginning to think these “Doctors Without Borders” guys are a bunch of glory-seeking “look-at-me-I’m-a Hero” narcissistic nimrods.  Doctors Without Borders physician tested for Ebola in NYC.  Sure they go in there with holy intentions – or at least holier-than-thou – and then the problems start. 16 Members of Doctors Without Borders Infected with Ebola, Nine Dead.

Five of the 58 medical professionals involved in the Science Magazine study died of Ebola before the paper was published. Nine Doctors Without Borders physicians, all equipped with the best of isolation and prophylactic gear, have died of Ebola. Of the physicians and nurses who have died of Ebola in this epidemic, most (more than 60%) had what was considered more than adequate protective gear and were instructed in its use.

Now who is going to clean-up after this self-sanctified nitwit?  “Officials described Dr. Craig Spencer riding the subway, taking a cab and bowling since returning to New York from Guinea a week ago as Mayor Stupidio said. “New Yorkers who have not been exposed are not at all at risk.”  WHAT??  Is that even a sensible sentence-fragment, given that Patient at New York City hospital tests positive for Ebola.   Nice work, if you can get it? Now the subway travelin’ Bowl-A-Rama Doctor’s Girlfriend is now quarantined.

Officials and Petty Tyrants proclaim blithe nonsense like: “The goal right now is to make sure people don’t panic.”  Hey, look over-here Mr. Idiot, how about making the goal something meaningful like. “Don’t Spread Ebola” -?  They say, “the disease is spread only by direct contact with bodily fluids such as saliva, blood, vomit and feces.”  I’m not sure since using Public Transportation is not any part of my routine, but I recall a BayAryan TV “Dirty Jobs Report”that highlighted just such “activity” and exposure during the average commute on a BART car.  People are messy, and in public places especially.  Meanwhile:

“Today we’re expecting a specialized crew [to] come in full protective gear and will clean and sterilize Dr. Spencer’s apartment for signs of bodily fluid,” said City Council member, Mark Levine, adding that officials would “confiscate material that might have come into contact with his body such as sheets and pillow cases and bath towels and tooth brushes.”

What about when those crews refuse to come, because their work is spread too thin and the much vaunted “infrastructure” fails them due to lack of supplies and equipment?  For New Yorkers will this finally break the logjam over incredibly expensive high-rise rent-controlled slums?  When the Ebola comes in, the Equity runs out…


Check it off the list. We went down the hill to meet the Doc. My numbers are running good: BMI, BHP, FIT, etc., and the aches and pains are normal – and the chest-wall pain-thing, well it just happens when you over-exert. I need to wear a hat in the sun (like I always do anyhow) since my natural “foliage” long ago departed my scalp. The weird head noogies and such are not cancer, stop picking at ‘em, it’s gross.
He spent his AF career in medicine at Travis and never was called up to anything. I mentioned my dad had a HS buddy who in WWII went up there and was promised to fly planes and become a pilot. Instead he swept the runway for three years. He did finally get to fly but was shot-down and vanished in the Pacific.
Doc’s also a dirt-rider, so good. Grew up in the Southland riding in the Dez, then moved to SJ area where his dad worked in the Defense Industry, then AF. He suggested that there were some technical trail “sections” at Prairie City, but when we were there last Wednesday I didn’t see where or how… Anyhow I need to find a burnt-out old super-senior geezer of C-level skill like myself to ride around Georgetown and Foresthill. When it starts raining and the concreted dirt softens up a little, it’s spectacular.
After I went across the hallway and got an update in my arm of TDAP (Tetanus-Diptheria-And-Pertussis), we went downstairs to get our new RXs dialed-in for a fresh set of specs.

At home the Midway order arrived with Ka-Bar pistol bayonet! It’s made by LaserLyte so should have a laser in it, IMHO – but nobody is gonna try and grab that out of your hands or rack the slide out of battery on you.
LaserLyte Bayonet

Cooling Off Period

Back in August we received a very favorable ruling:

A federal judge severely limited California’s gun-purchase waiting period in a ruling released Monday that says the law is unconstitutional when applied to those who have gone through the process to get a concealed-weapons permit, or who the state already knows to be firearms owners.

Still Clinton appointee Judge Ishii stayed his own ruling for 180 days, to give California time to rewrite its laws – should it choose to do so. Huh?? Doh!! So in a few days we’ll pickup the Mossberg.
Meanwhile the actual outside has dropped into the 70’s. Just about two weeks ago with temps averaging in the 90’s we had to get-up early and get working outside before the heat scorched us. Today my wife remarked, “What’s that burning smell?” I looked around from washing breakfast dishes at the window, and felt warm breeze on my toes – the heater had kicked on! Interior temps had dropped below 67-degrees and the furnace equipment that had lain dormant since April was re-awakened.
A mild mid-atmosphere haze and gray cloud formation hung overhead all morning, only slightly dissipating as afternoon winds blew up and pushed it north. Rain is in the Saturday forecast so we went out and watered plants from the rain-barrels to empty them, and I moved some rocks around trying to delineate a pathway between the bonsai’d junipers and the stumpy “thing” growing out by the roadway of the low granite outcropping.


The line of clouds marching across the horizon towards us since this early morning, marching and marching and always off in the distance and never arriving – finally did. They thickened and coalesced into a drip-line, with welcome droplets descending in a tepid rain.
UPDATE: Amazingly, it mostly filled the small rain-barrels.

The Battery

As a firearms aficionado I was lucky to (be working and have enough money) and first acquire The Complete Basic-Battery: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun. So there I was with my gats: a Smith’ Model-10, a 1900’s-era Krag-Jorgenson (in an un-useable very 60’s Monte Carlo stock, but not cut-down), and a ’54 Belgian Browning Light-Twelve that was once my Grandfather’s. What a beauty. With gold wash still on the trigger and an un-blemished receiver, it was made a few years before my birth and it is a Revered Family Heirloom (even for those non-gunny types), and I’m just the most recent caretaker.

How did you start out? What’s your basic-basic?

Since that time I have filled out my Basic Battery at various locations and with assorted permutations; Colt and Sig added to S&W, M1 Garand and M1 Carbine (Postal Meter now sold, dammit) added to Krag-Jorgenson – but a profound vacancy remained.
I was afraid to ruin Grandpa’s old beauty, and nobody on my old Shootin’ Club even fired shotguns so I got no encouragement there. But I had shot Chris AnarchAngel Byrne’s DiFi Hater-Gun – the Dianne Feinstein Memorial Assault Shotgun, the Shotty from Hell with the rotary magazine, and it was FUN! But if anyone ever said, “Let’s go play 3-Gun!” I would have come up short, my Battery was vacant at that location.
So today I went up to Hangtown, to Big-5 and slapped plastic down on a Mossberg 590. Besides, I got the Mossberg hat at the Gunblogger Rendezvous when Remington didn’t give squat. It’s not a wrist-cracking “cruiser” nor does it have a gigantic drum magazine, but it does have something AWFUL, a bayonet lug. So for a hundred bucks or so I can get an Ontario M9 that makes it pokey-slicey and adds to my bayonet collection.
Maybe they need to open up “3-Gun” and make it slashy: “3-Gun and BAAYONET!”

Grail-Grail, Puzzle-Pieces

When you start building a project, whether it’s a rifle or a vehicle, you need to begin with the propellant/power-plant unit in mind. I know everybody builds Fords and Chevys, but where I can find a 1918 Hispano-Suiza V-8?  – or maybe here? 300-something HP seems to be the goal for the motor, not sure about the weight… Some awesome Kiwis built a few.

After that a reproduction kit, or something. A few hundered hours spinning wrenches and slapping dope on silk, volia!
Since I live on a hill, when it’s done it will be relatively simple to get it push-started and off down to the airport below, no?
If I had a ranch in Texas and a Class III stamp (and a dozen Dillons set up for .303 British) the Lewis gun would be cool (and the synchronized Vickers too), and I could fly around with it and rat-a-tat to my hearts content.
With a few lights and some IR stuff it would be an awesome-bitchin’ night-fighter shootin’ wild hogs – as long as the exhaust and engine heat-plume didn’t make the IR bloom…
And of course it would be cool to have a ridin’/flyin’ buddy to join along. I know there’s a bunch of Aero-Gunny types out there besides Bridgid, like Murphy’s Law for instance…