Texas Carry

New-to-the-Blogroll Tyler of Mississippi Rebel alerted me to potential changes in Texas carry restrictions.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott reaffirmed his support for efforts to legalize the open carry of handguns in Texas. Texas is one of only six states in the United States where open carry remains illegal.

“If open carry is good enough for Massachusetts, it’s good enough for the state of Texas, Abbott said following his election on November 4th. “If an open carry bill is passed by the House and Senate and arrives at my desk, I will sign it into law.”

We had *un-loaded* Open-Carry as a possible option here in CA until recently when the Democrat-controlled One-Party Stupidslature banned it. What happened was a bunch of OC advocates got a little too-much media attention for the cause, and that scared the soccer-moms at Starbucks with their publicity, which in turn awakened a sleeping Moron in the legislature, who did what One-Party morons do when they compete for attention within a narrow-band of Leftist extremes – he wrote a bill banning it. Too bad it wasn’t State Sen. Gun-Runner Leland Yee – but the irony of that would have been explosive.

Anyhow good luck to Texas and we hope here now that with OC banned and CCW revealed by the Peruta decision to be significantly withheld by illegal bias, that CCW in California will become basically Shall Issue under court order throughout the state. The AG is fighting it but the most recent judgment that disallowed the State’s 10-Day Waiting Period did not go her way.
As John Richardson at No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money had to say:

Telling a judge you have more important stuff to do than to comply with his order really isn’t the smartest thing in the world to do as Kamala and her minions found out. Judge Ishii, said in his best judge-speak, “dude, don’t give me that sh*@”.

The problem is that Defendant believes that other projects are deserving of greater priority. See id. There is no description of what these critical projects are or when the deadlines might be, nor is there an explanation of why outside contractors cannot be utilized for some of those projects, nor is there an explanation of why computer personnel from different departments or agencies cannot be utilized. A bench trial has concluded, and a law that is actively being enforced has been found to be unconstitutional. The Court does not know how Defendant or the BOF prioritizes projects, but dealing with an unconstitutional law should be towards the top of the list.

The bottom line is that Judge Ishii is not going to stay his decision nor is he going to give the California Department of Justice and its Bureau of Firearms more time than the 6 months he already gave them.

So neener-neener Kamela Harris, ex-girlfriend of old and decrepit but extremely well-dressed long-time Sacto Political-Fixer, Willie Brown.

Bird is the Word

One of the advantages of being retired is you can do whatever you want whenever you want, and wear any clothes you want – or none at all… And so we celebrate Thanksgiving a week early, in order that we may be thankful for leftovers on Thanksgiving day and no work or holiday-hassles to speak of. Raise a toast of Pineapple-Banana-Ginger rum-drink!

Basting every 30-minutes has commenced, now this:



And then…

…the tiny Mossberg safety detent ball-bearing ball rolled off the receiver into space, made a small *ping* sound as it hit the plastic carpet-protector mat, and disappeared into Carpetland… Oh great.

To continue: The Brown Truck of Happiness had arrived and delivered my tacticool Vang-Comp oversize safety button, solid metal instead of plastic – so I set to work examining how this thing comes apart and goes back. I examined for about twenty seconds and then unscrewed the one-way safety top-screw.
And the bottom fell out and rattled around inside the action.
But the tiny spring and the microscopic ball-detent were still with me in Happy-Land. So then I had to remove the trigger group by pusing-out out the trigger-housing retaining pin, and two more pieces fell out. Those would be #11 and #12, the cartridge stop and cartridge interrupter. And also the safety block fell free which is what I needed in the first place. So OK, hitch up the big-boy pants and re-assemble – which is when the tiny ball-bearing took flight.

After tearing out my remaining and non-existent hair, and crawling fruitlessly under the desk with a Surefire light that got too hot to hold, I started searching through the Wise Men of Internet for a Clue and the ball-diameter.

I came across an amazing and hyper-logical suggestion: Magnet+Vacuum. I went out to the garage and got the Craftsman magnetized parts-tray that I SHOULD HAVE BEEN USING IN THE FIRST PLACE, and from the bedroom retrieved the small Dyson bagless mini-vac and started combing the carpet. After a few turns over one area I emptied the canister into the tray. Nothing. So I began a sweep of the next vector and hammered at the carpet some more. EUREKA!

So, re-assembly began again with much more caution (and a magnetized backstop), and it would have been great the first f*ing time but I had the Tacticool Button facing the wrong direction – so just for good measure and practice I did it again. OK, phew, finally. QUIT WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD.

Global Warming Drip by Drip

We’re getting rain and lots of it. The rain-barrels are overflowing and when it dries out, after a day or two, we’ll empty the water onto the trees that have been stressed by the heat and drought. Then we can let them re-fill when the next rain hits, and do it again. Took a while to figure that out, DOH!

Thanksgiving: You didn’t Build That Stress-Monster – did you? No, Work did it for you – yeh thanks a lot Gov. Meanwhile we have been on a bit of a diet. When one decides to go that direction, the other really must follow, and I had a bunch of fat-slack I could afford to lose. Whilst among the doughy and Starbucks-saturated BayAryans I had ballooned to 200+. Paleo works! Now after a summer of hard labor and lifting rocks I’m at 185 – my old HS water-polo fighting weight. SheWhoMustBeObeyed is on track and has lost 16+some in an effort to get off the stress-based BP and cholesterol meds that are directly attributed to the last hellish few years working at the Big-Nasty-Robber-Baron-University finance job. All the dignified and nice-enough Old-School crowd are long gone, pushed-out by the sharp-elbow GSB get-me-mine Administrators-in-Bloat, busy back-stabbing and building their Admin-Empire of the Ants. Good riddance to that. We are both relieved to be out from under that dark cloud of stupidity and selfish misery, and all the enabling that went with it. Still this is a tough time of year to try and avoid all the Holiday Excesses – but we don’t have any Office Parties to attend, nor the sticky temptation of cubicle-candy that abounds in every workplace. The Bird is getting cooked tomorrow, so that we’ll have yummy left-overs for Turkey-day itself.

The meeting/lunch with the Old BFF and her Young Artist Lad went well. The fear of seeing a slow-motion train-wreck was unfounded, and it’s simply a matter of people struggling in this economy. The kid is bright and motivated, so I offered a piece of graphic equipment I was not using that would help in this digital age, an Intuous/Wacom pressure-sensitive cordless graphic tablet. I always struggled with the disconnect between hand and screen when using the device and still prefer the old ways of ink, pencil, and paper – but the kid is Modern and has Skillz to polish – and besides it was his 19th Birthday, so have at it.

And the blessed rain keeps falling. What caliber for rain-drops?

Dear Santa…

…You know I don’t need or wear any NFL gear – ever, or NBA, or even MLB – I buy my own socks – but the Ontario M9 Bayonet is kewl.
Also pretty much any electronic gizmo is worthless to me, even a BORS computer scope, or a long-distance bullet-drop compensation app – because I don’t have a goddam smarty-ass-phone.
And we can skip the tattoo-parlor gift-card.
“Whiskey for my Horses and Ammo for my Mossberg!”

Sunshine! A brief respite

We are enjoying a bit clear sky and warmth this AM between the bands of lashing rain. More wetness is headed this way, but in the meantime the puddles are drying and the birds run around the tanbark under the junipers, pecking at bugs.
Meanwhile the spiky needle-leaf red-flower western drought-tolerant mystery shrub who’s name we don’t know, slowly gives up its thorny secrets. This unassuming plant would make an excellent defensive barricade, the spikey-needle leaves are real pin-prickers and you must wear heavy gloves to resist penetration. The little red flowers are very attractive to the hummingbirds who flit in and out and avoid the sharp needles. Just taking the pictures I received a number of painful jabs.
It grows in a dense, criss-crossing bramble-thicket, that is as close to impenetrable barb-wire as anything. A hedgerow of this stuff would be tough-going and if you fell into it wearing just a t-shirt you’d be in a world of hurt.
And finally we uncovered a nice big rock, yay!
Anybody got a name for this thing?
UPDATE: We have a weiner! Nasty-plant, AKA Devil’s Plant – and it’s no wonder that it comes from Australia where 90% of things living-and-crawling are poisonous or otherwise dangerous to man. It’s a Grevillea Needle-Leaf. “Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases.” Yeh because it’s wicked-NASTY! The deer don’t even try. Much like the thorny, bionic concertina-wire Bougainvillea…