Purity Test

CA Republicans have for a long time been little more that window-dressing in the Legislature, a class of Nomenkaltura in the One Party State who take the blame for being “obstructionist” the same way “Big Business” or “Big Oil” is demonized for thwarting the Will of the Party. They take the blame and still get to keep their perks – they get paid-off to be Emmanuel Goldstein to the Party’s Big Brother.
But the serious, intellectual problems with a One-Party state is that Party members don’t evolve any intelligence, instead they become dull and stupid – as evidenced by the inept and poorly written laws that California Legislature constantly produces, full of holes and legal gobbledygook. Nothing challenges the Party members to be smart and excel – or even how to compete, since they don’t compete against external concepts or ideas but only against each other in an echo-chamber purity-test.
It’s not creative or inventive except in a Machiavellian way, they are lazy and shallow and only do just enough – and they come up with bad and stupid ideas just to impress the Central Committee to whom they are indebted for their jobs. To rise to Party prominence is to recite delusional propaganda, slogans, and to toe the line – the One-Party Catechism. In a test of favoritism with the Central Committee, the Committee will pit one against another in local, Democrat-on-Democrat, elections to test their resolve and pandering skill, but a fish rots from the head down and that’s what Socialism always produces: rotten fish that stink, and the CA Legislature is a perfect example.

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