My Galt is Hosed…

“If you can’t say anything nice”… This election and the local propositions do not buoy me with much clarity and hope for the future, but a nightmarish, cloudy, and terrible sense of just trying to muddle through despite insurmountable obstacles, barbed wire, and land-mines…

I didn’t have much Galt to begin with, so me going-Galt  doesn’t even pass the ripple-test.

But the depression is justified:  Democrats get supermajority in Legislature… “Enough is enough,” Steinberg said in a telephone interview. “It’s time to start anew and to live within our means but at the same time invest in the cornerstone of our future and of our economy, and that’s education.” TRANSLATION: We are so hosed. Welcome to the ignorant Socialist One-Party state Politburo. Srsly? Budget “Back on track” to what? High Speed Trains to nowhere? No it’s back on to Union payoffs: actual funding for education is irrelevant and has always been a red-herring since the money doesn’t get down to the classroom level no matter how much they say it, it only flows UP out of the pockets of our Union Teachurz – but now the Stupidslature desperately need the Teacher’s Union dollars since they have campaigned way beyond their means, and money being the mother’s milk of politics (thanks, Jess Unruh), they need to re-fund and reward their enablers and cronys…

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About NotClauswitz

The semi-sprawling adventures of a culturally hegemonic former flat-lander & anti-idiotarian individualist-imperialist, fleeing the toxic-grade smug emitted by the self-satisfied lotus-eating low-land Tesla-S driving floppy-hat wearing lizadroid-Leftbat Califorganic eco-tofuistas ~ with guns, more guns, off-road motorcycles, moto-guns, snorkeling, snorkel-guns, home-improvement stuff, and probably home-improvement guns.~

2 thoughts on “My Galt is Hosed…

  1. Going Galt is not wholly dependent upon the magnitude of monetary/productivity withdrawal, but rather upon one’s intent and sphere of influence. Your blog is the embodiment of that principal.

    I am in no way buoyed, but obligated to push forward; as are you…

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