Sharp! (Bonus – 1898 Modified Krag Sight)

You can see the two semi-circles of correction towards the inside above the nose pads, on the upper edge. Like being cross-eyed. I hope this (convergence) works – we’ll find out this weekend if it’s not drenching down rain on Saturday. Forecast is iffy. I have one do-over in case the location of the correction needs to move…
It works pretty good with the Sig when I put my chin on my chest, but I have a fight over which eye to use, and I’m getting a bit of weirdness on the AR’s and again that’s because I’m cross-dominant – but the front sight is clear and sharp now. What’s cool is I CAN see the thin blade of the Krag, way out there beyond my arm’s reach, and see it through the M1898 Modified sight with teeny-tiny flip-up peep! Whoa!
UPDATE:  During the time it was in service Ordnance messed around with sights on the Krag like crazy, and initially the M1898 sight had two extra sight-grooves left and right of center for windage shots.  In 1900 they recalled all of the 1898 sights and ground-off the weirdness because it was awkward and confusing, and continued to use the modified sights conventionally. You can see the ground-down portions in the overhead view. Then in 1902 the final sight was standardized which was generally a duplicate of the 1898 but without the extra sight grooves to the left and right of center, and a more rounded curve to the backside. In between they had a different 1901 sight that was like the Carbine sight but with different graduations, a camming lever that allowed you to drift the sight in an arc for windage changes, and the whole thing elevated way-up for volly-fire.
Model 1901 – see how the front is drifted off to the left side?

Flipped around, there’s the lever to loosen or tighten it down.

 Model 1901 sight all stood-up.

As always, click to super-size the pics.

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6 thoughts on “Sharp! (Bonus – 1898 Modified Krag Sight)

  1. FWM – It aint easy! I can really only use the peep when the light is just right. I shot it once in a match, and during the rapids it was all notch. In bright sunlight the front-sight needs a generous dollop of sight black or it disappears!

  2. Hi MauserMedic! I've been wearing bifocals for about four years now, and with passing time the shooting has become more difficult.
    My good friend from the Gunblogger Rendezvous, Larry Weeks at Brownells, recommended his guys: Decot in Phoenix.
    I checked 'em out, but because of the thickness of my Rx – it gets pretty thick out at the edges, my Optician recommended a smaller lens with a full frame around it to hold 'em. I kinda winged-it as far as where my “pupilary distance” needed to be, just based on a cheek-weld guesstimate – and I may have to get them changed. Currently they are set-in close, as you see, but they may need to be more like this (FT-35). I get one do-over! :-)

  3. Interesting. I own a '98 Krag, and got bifocals about two years ago. I'm interested to hear how well you feel this works at 100yd and further. Where did the idea for this lens configuration come from?

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